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Creating Opportunities for All People With


Today, the average consumer who purchases a new laptop computer is likely to upgrade within only three years. And all those cell phones?  They're discarded after only 24 months, on average. When you toss them out it brings with it concerns of confidential information getting into the wrong hands.

Nowcap Services

We have a solution! 

Why Bring Your Old Hard Drive or Cell Phone to US?

Certified Data Destruction supports NOWCAP Services and this, in turn, provides more opportunities for people with disabilities and supports the organization's mission of "Creating Opportunities for All People with Disabilities!"

Please contact Wendy Nolte at (307) 233-0422 to schedule a drop-off of items to be shredded.  A fee of $15.00 is charged per hard drive or cell phone to be shredded, but quantity discounts are available for items of 10 or more.

Nowcap Services

All hard drives and cell phones received at NOWCAP Services for Certified Data Destruction stay at our site for shredding. 

A Certificate of Destruction is available, and you may choose to take the shredded materials with you, or have the organization dispose of the shredded material.  Please note that all hard drives must be removed by the device owner prior to shredding.  NOWCAP Services will not remove the hard drive from the device.

*Please note we are only accepting computer hard drives and cell phones for shredding at this time.


We offer nationally accredited supports to adults and children 17 and older with all types of disabilities in Natrona, Converse and Sweetwater counties. Contact one of our offices today for more information.

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